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MarinOne Search

Transform your search advertising to gain more customers

Identify growth opportunities and maximize revenue across publishers, including Google, Bing, Apple Search Ads, and more. Apply audience, revenue, and contextual data from any source to drive campaign performance and growth.

Bid, budget, and campaign optimization

Maximize growth with budget planning and predictive intelligence.

Enhance long-tail targeting results with look-back modeling.

Outflank competitors for visibility with intraday, position-based bidding.

Build effective bidding rules with first- and third-party data.

Advertising insights that deliver growth

Gain visibility into paid search performance with a cross-channel dashboard.

Isolate underperforming keywords and creative using advanced filters.

Understand the impact of your search ads on conversions and revenue.

Make digital experts your allies

We eat, sleep, and breathe digital marketing. Get an unbiased view into your search advertising campaigns when you work with us. It’s our mission to help you win new customers, revenue, and ROI. Not satisfied with your performance? We’ll credit your platform fee.

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