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TUI Netherlands

Case Study

TUI Netherlands Chooses Marin Social for Intuitive Remarketing Campaigns

  • 53% of the conversions were driven via Mobile News Feed
  • 23% lower CPA on Mobile News Feed versus Desktop News Feed targeting
  • 99% lower CPA on Android devices versus Desktop News Feed targeting
  • About TUI Netherlands

    TUI Netherlands is the local Dutch tour operator brand and is a part of the TUI Group, the world’s number one tourism business—with 1,800 travel agencies and leading online portals, six airlines with more than 130 aircrafts, over 300 hotels, and 13 cruise liners. This integrated offering enables TUI Group to provide 30 million customers an unmatched holiday experience in over 180 regions around the globe.

    TUI Netherlands collaborated with Storm Digital to achieve their digital advertising objectives more efficiently, by leveraging Marin Social to implement an intuitive remarketing strategy. Scaling Remarketing Campaigns on Mobile

  • Scaling Remarketing Campaigns on Mobile

    TUI Netherlands was interested in remarketing on Facebook. However, they were skeptical about remarketing due to all the possible combinations of intent that can happen when someone’s browsing their website for various destinations.

“With Marin Social, we are able to advertise the right destination offer to the right person when he or she is in the market for a package holiday of tickets to a certain travel destination. We were able to effectively target non-converting traffic of people who browsed specific sections of our website through the Website Custom Audience pixel and turn them into customers.”

– Arjen De Mik / Manager Digital Performance Marketing, TUI Benelux

  • Achieving Scale While Still Meeting the CPA Goal

    Storm Digital took advantage of several Marin Social features that allowed them to create precise audience segments, effectively build out campaigns, and accurately report on performance with this new ad type. By implementing the Facebook pixel, Storm Digital was able to accurately track the specific destinations each person browsed and deliver the relevant creative based on that particular destination if they didn’t convert. Marin was uniquely positioned to support their requirements due to expertise with remarketing and pixel deployment for travel advertisers with a diverse global offering.


    • Dynamic Tags to deploy unique naming conventions and ensure accurate reporting
    • Bulk Editor to make adjustments to audiences across hundreds of ad set iterations in seconds
    • Rule Manager to automatically pause campaigns that weren’t meeting goals
    • Pivot table reports in the UI to capture performance rolled up to a creative ad placement

  • Resting Assured and Looking Ahead

    TUI Netherlands is keen to build and optimize more campaigns through Marin Social, due to the seamless campaign creation workflow and automation capabilities. Going forward, they hope to drive continued efficiency at scale through a tiered approach to their audience segmentations based on level of intent, where a higher focus is placed on recency of traffic. The campaign’s efficiencies and results include:

    1. 53% of the conversions were driven via Mobile News Feed
    2. 23% lower CPA on Mobile News Feed versus Desktop News Feed targeting
    3. 99% lower CPA on Android devices versus Desktop News Feed targeting

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