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Case Study

Prijsvergelijken.nl Switches from Smart Bidding to Marin Bidding for 10.5% More Conversions

  • 10.5% increase in conversion volume
  • 13.2% increase in ROAS
  • 21% increase in revenue
  • 14% decrease in CPC

  • Background

    Prijsvergelijken.nl is a telecom comparison website in the Netherlands. With its comparison tool, users can enter their address and immediately see which telecom service providers are in their area, as well as price. Users can compare Sim Only packages, broadband, internet + TV bundles, and more.

    The company was looking to increase its traffic and boost conversions while keeping the cost per acquisition down, particularly for their Sim Only packages.

  • Challenge

    Using Google Ads Smart Bidding and manual optimizations, the Prijsvergelijken.nl team was spending countless hours analyzing campaign data to determine the appropriate bid strategy for the corresponding campaign targets.

    The company started to look for ways to improve productivity and increase their ROAS. Marin suggested testing our bidding algorithm for an automated approach.

  • Solution

    Marin Automated Bidding: Marin’s platform includes a number of bid management strategies—and automates the tedious work of manual bidding—to calculate the right CPC bid based on business goals. Using advanced machine learning, Marin optimizes bids based on historical information about the campaign and real-time contextual signals detected during the auction.

    Prijsvergelijken.nl chose two automated strategies—Maximize Profitability and Enhanced CPC—to automatically set the right bid to maximize profitability in accordance with their business margins. These strategies also helped get the most conversions at the best cost per click within their daily budget.

    Marin’s Dimensions: The Prijsvergelijken.nl team manages a lot of active campaigns, and keeping track of what’s happening where can be a daunting task. Marin’s Dimensions helped the team organize and filter their data across ad groups, campaigns, and keywords. It also tracked performance increases for various metrics, including bid changes, budget changes, and keyword expansion. Being able to slice and dice the data gave the team real-time visibility into how their campaigns were doing, resulting in more actionable insights.

“With Marin’s advanced bidding rules, we were able to not only beat our paid search revenue targets, but also reduce the amount of time spent on paid search each week. Marin’s automation and machine learning takes into account signals that are way beyond our scope, and helped deliver great results.”

  • Results

    • 10.5% increase in conversion volume
    • 13.2% increase in ROAS
    • 21% increase in revenue
    • 14% decrease in CPC

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