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Freestyle Xtreme

Case Study

FreestyleXtreme.com Revenue Jumps Up 69% with Marin Software

  • 69% increase in revenue
  • 110% increase in conversion rate
  • 57% decrease in CPA
  • 28% decrease in spend
  • A little about Freestyle Xtreme

    FreestyleXtreme is an independent, family-run business dedicated to giving customers a high-quality shopping experience. They have been part of the freestyle motocross industry since the early days, and their business has grown alongside it. FreestyleXtreme has evolved into a community respected by customers, riders, and the action sports industry alike.

  • Challenge

    After previously seeing their CPAs climb using a broad match strategy, FreestyleXtreme rebuilt their Google AdWords accounts using a phrase and exact match strategy via 17 accounts with 120 campaigns, 25,000 ad groups, and up to 800,000 keywords per account. However, with only one person maintaining the account, it was impossible to manage bids manually at this volume of keywords and across 12 languages. This resource strain also limited their ability to expand campaigns across new publishers and online advertising channels.

  • Solution

    FreestyleXtreme reviewed five cross-channel performance advertising platforms, and chose to work with Marin Software based on their proven performance for similar brands. They immediately set up bidding folders with different automated bidding goals and margins across geographies and product ranges. Now that they’ve grown to trust Marin’s patented bidding algorithm, they leave it to manage all bids and review reports once a month. With this time-savings, FreestyleXtreme was able to focus on expanding campaigns to Bing and has now created 14 Bing accounts. These new accounts now generate 10-15% of their total conversions from paid search. They’ve also been able to expand campaigns onto Google Shopping, Facebook and retargeting as a result of the time-savings from automated bidding.

  • Results

    As a result of using Marin Software’s platform, FreestyleXtreme has saved 80-90% of the time they spent managing campaigns. They also saw the following performance improvements:

    • 69% increase in revenue
    • 110% increase in conversion rate
    • 57% decrease in CPA
    • 28% decrease in spend


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