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Case Study

Mangostorm Brings New Life to Bio-Oil with Marin Social

  • Increased Page likes by 500%
  • Reduced cost per like by 75%
  • Achieved a cost per install of £1.50
  • Maximized UK sales, creating a benchmark for all other countries promoting Bio-Oil on Facebook which now stands at 95+ countries
  • From the success of Mangostorm’s Bio-Oil campaigns, they’ve managed to secure the Social Media campaigns of other leading brands managed by the keyline Group (who own Bio-Oil)
  • You Only Have One Skin

    Bio?Oil is a specialist moisturizing oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, aging, and dehydrated skin. Bio?Oil has won 242 skin care awards and has become the No.1 selling scar and stretch mark product in 20 countries since its global launch in 2002. Bio-Oil UK launched their Facebook Page in 2010.

  • A little about Mangostorm

    Mangostorm is a full service Digital Marketing Agency leading edge brands in the entertainment, gaming, and lifestyle sectors.?They offer clients a bespoke service delivered by a team of experienced Digital Marketing experts with a long history of proven results and repeat clientele.

“Mangostorm are a pleasure to work with and we are now their longest standing client. Through Social Media and using Marin software they have been delivering consistent growth of quality social media followers which has in turn helped improve Facebook page engagement rates but ultimately increasing the sales of the Bio-oil product.”

– Julie Virginie Lardieg / Senior Brand Manager Bio-Oil, Godrej UK

  • Gaining Efficiencies and Driving Results

    With over 40 simultaneous campaigns, Bio-Oil was finding it difficult to simply manage their workload and achieve goals, let alone optimize these campaigns for the best results. They also didn’t have a robust, automated mechanism for testing their Facebook ad creatives.

  • Smoothing Out the Strategy

    To run better-managed campaigns and get a handle on their creative, Bio-Oil implemented Marin Social, which allowed them to test different Facebook ad placements and variations. To meet Facebook ad requirements, they adapted their brand images, then constantly optimized their campaigns using different bidding options including CPM, oCPM, CPL, and CPI.

  • A Simply Beautiful Social Campaign

    By testing multiple Page posts to encourage Page interaction, as well as creating and boosting the right Page posts, Bio-Oil was able to increase engagement and organic likes, shares, and comments. Having more visitors to their Facebook Page led to improved performance across all engagement and revenue markers:

    • Increased Page likes by 500%
    • Reduced cost per like by 75%
    • Achieved a cost per install of £1.50
    • Maximized UK sales, creating a benchmark for all other countries promoting Bio-Oil on Facebook

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