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Leading Accessory Retailer

Case Study

A Leading Accessory Retailer Grows ROI by 456% with Marin’s Smart Sync for Dynamic Ads

  • 456% better ROI
  • 163% better CTR
  • 80% more revenue
  • 69% drop in CPA
  • A Digital Marketing Mismatch

    A leading women’s accessory retailer wanted to extend its digital advertising from search to social. Its ultimate goals were to drive conversions directly on its website while generating maximum revenue.

    To meet its objectives, the retailer wanted to run successful prospecting ads on social, testing different creatives and targeting scenarios, without expending too much time or too many resources. Initial prospecting efforts involved lookalike audiences based on a customer email list. Since it didn’t have sufficient experience or historical data to implement efficient lookalike prospecting, however, it wasn’t sure which of its product types would perform the best on social.

    Because of this—as well as laborious, manual setup of product sets, product audiences, and creatives—the retailer struggled to produce any ROI.

  • The Perfect Search and Social Fit

    The retailer put Marin Software’s Smart Sync for Dynamic Ads into action. For normal Dynamic Ads campaigns on Facebook, the product set is defined at the ad set level. With Smart Sync for Dynamic Ads, advertisers are able to use a simple workflow to clone top-performing product groups on Google into product sets on Facebook, that sit at both the ad set and ad levels.

    By using the knowledge it gained from Google Shopping, the retailer was able to determine the product groups generating the highest ROI in its Google Shopping campaigns. Then, it was able to leverage these insights to quickly create more effective product sets on Facebook for better prospecting campaigns.

  • Aligning Search and Social for Better Results

    The retailer’s business is vast, with many items in stock. Because of this, it was able to leverage Dynamic Ads prospecting to show the right products to the right users at the right time.

    With Smart Sync for Dynamic Ads, the retailer was able to show thousands of tailored ads to the right target audience most likely to convert. As its end goal was to sell specific products, Dynamic Ads prospecting made it easy to showcase the broad variety of products to its customers, driving them down the funnel and leading them to conversion.

    With Smart Sync for Dynamic Ads, the retailer was able to detect the highest revenue-generating product categories based on ROI, and clone the structure already proven to be successful in Google Shopping directly into Facebook.

    To increase sales, the accessory retailer tested performance of manual means of prospecting campaigns against the automated product sets, which increased ROI by 456%.

    • 456% better ROI
    • 163% better CTR
    • 80% more revenue
    • 69% drop in CPA

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